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Established in Byron Bay in March 1990.

At JOHN BURGESS ARCHITECTS we appreciate the invaluable resource of historical and regional architecture, we feel that modern architecture should reflect a combination of knowledge gleaned from the past melded with the technology and insight of the present.

JOHN BURGESS ARCHITECTS aim to produce quality architecture through a high level of professional service and a close client relationship. The level of client satisfaction is evident from our many return clients. Our commitment is to create buildings with a significant degree of architectural merit and cost effectiveness; provide the client, users and the community as a whole with a great amount of pleasure and inspiration. 


We have been responsible for iconic developments in Byron Bay including the Award winning Rae's on Wategos, the historic Orient Hotel (now the Balcony building) and numerous commercial projects and beach houses. 

Interior and lighting design and fittings are our specialities. We have been responsible for the complete fit out of numerous commercial and residential projects including all aspects of interiors including: furniture, fabrics and fittings.


John Burgess has received recognition for his architecturally integrated lighting designs winning both State and International Lighting Awards.

Media attention has not been sought by the practice as we respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, none the less we have received media interest with features in magazines and newspapers including; The Architecture Bulletin, Constructional Review, Building Australia Magazine, Trends Magazine, Saab Scene, The Sun Herald, The Sunday Telegraph, The Financial Review and The Sydney Morning Herald.

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